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Project Description
Email sent, task accomplished. This little task execution agent can be a remote domain support's best friend.

Save time on late night and off hours administration tasks. When there is no time to RDP, send Fetch an email and he'll take care of it quick. Secure, reliable.

Fetch Described:
  • Fetch is always ready to fetch, so he periodically reads the outlook email inbox looking for subject lines that start with one of the ActionCodes in Actions. i.e. zyx = “Unlock User” action.
  • Fetch can find and bury words, so he takes whatever is typed after the code and saves that as an ActionParameter. e.g. zyxAlek Kirstein (would find zyx in the ActionsTable and then save Alek Kirstein as a parameter.)
  • Fetch can read and write so he uses this ActionParamaeter and finds the ActionScript in Actions, then replaces any occurrence of ~~~ with the ActionParameter. e.g. “dim x as string x = ‘~~~’ ” = “dim x as string x = ‘Alek Kirstein’ ”
  • Fetch knows tricks and runs the code according to the ActionType. i.e. vbscript, cmd
  • Fetch is observant so he captures the output of the command and sends it to the FailSafeOperator (set in settings.)
  • Fetch remembers so he sends the debug step info to the FailSafeOperator.
  • Fetch is thorough and saves all this as a text file in the Directory (set in Settings).
  • Fetch is whistle trained so he’s ready to jump into action and start reading emails as soon as the Timer is opened or turned on (by clicking the big Fetch Button in the pop-up Timer.) or by sending the Activate setting.
  • Fetch plays sleep when you send an email with the ShutDown code (set in Settings.)
  • Fetch is on a diet, so don’t feed him. But he likes attention and learning new tricks, so if you have something to teach him then please, use Fetch freely, improve Fetch, and improve the free time we have for more meaningful things than using the multi-login BROWSER-VPN-RDP-APPLICATION route. Fetch just wants to help. He is loyal and secure. Best wishes!

Fetch Menu Bar:

Fetch Timer:

Toggle this button to have Fetch check the inbox every (as set in settings) seconds.

Fetch Settings:

Fetch Commands:

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